Want to knit a blanket shawl?

THIS BLOG IS FOR MY ENGLISH SPEAKING FOLLOWERS and is to give you an insight into the blanket shawls and some of the history behind Varm design ❤

Have you ever heard about a blanket shawl?

A blanket shawl is exactly what it sounds like, a hybrid of a blanket and a shawl. They are perfect for spending an evening out in the garden during a chill night or wrapped around you when you have crawled up in your favourite sofa corner on a cold winter evening. It is decorative and can be left out for display all year. You knit these blanket shawls with needles 9 (European size) and in materials of the softest and finest alpaca – or you finally get the chance to use some of all your left over yarn.

The pattern to these blanket shawls means a lot to me – more than I really can explain. In a way they represent the very beginning of my company varmdesign.no

In the summer of 2014, or more precise June 2, I opened my web shop varmdesign.no. The history behind Varm design (if you have not guessed it already “Varm” in Norwegian means Warm and design is, of course design) can be tracked all the way back to the time when I was a child sitting by our kitchen table with my siblings and parents doing various craft exercises. I was raised in a typical middle class family with white collar working parents that both had a huge urge to exercise their inner creativity in their free time – thus the kitchen table and the family doing various crafting projects – whether we were baking, painting stones collected tracking in the mountains or creating xmas decorations.

The detailed and long version behind Varm design I will save for another day, but today I will give you the short version – and the short version is the blanket shawls. At some point around 2010 I decided to make a shawl for a friend that was “always freezing” – and I decided to use some leftover yarn. I am rather picky when it comes to both yarn quality and colors, so I collected the colors I wanted to mix and got going. I can assure you it did not take long until I realized that – Anne, you need to hit the yarn shop and get some more yarn. The result was yarn shopping for more them 60 EUR – I know I am crazy, but cannot help it … I think 😉 The good thing was that the shawl was a hit with the receiver and I sooooo enjoyed knitting it that I got going on a new one right away … I knitted one more … and one more … and one more … and ….

I realized – after 8-9 blanket shawls – that strictly speaking I could not keep them all myself? Some blanket shawls I gave away as gifts, some where sold, and after not so long the word started to spread and people I knew – and people I did not knew – started to order blanket shawls knitted in their own colors. And at some time during the autumn of 2012 the orders were so many that I decided to open a Facebook page where I could present the blanket shawls both in process and as finished products. So, at a dark October night that autumn Varm design was created.

ca4d4-0315a88a-4eeb-433b-a062-6897ee21655aThe blanket shawls knitted during that early period were all individual and knitted purely based on what felt natural at that time. You see examples of the early blanket shawls in the collage above – my creativity at its best 😉

During the autumn of 2014 there was a “public demand” from my customers at varmdesign.no that I had to make a yarn kit and a pattern for my blanket shawls. The yarn I use is all alpaca and thus not the cheapest in the crowd of yarn qualities, also the number of balls and different yarn types needed are quite a few. Therefore I decided to try to keep the costs down and make a shawl that would not leave you with tons of leftover yarn. The result was a on colored blanket shawl that really leaves you with next to nothing leftover yarn. See the photos below.

Until recently I have only sold my pattern with yarn kits, but I have over time and a lot of thinking decided that now it is time for a change.  You can now buy the patterns without yarn and you can even buy them as electronic files. If you want to knit your own blanket shawl you can order English pattern HERE! If you order (henting på lager/collecting at office) you do not pay postage and we will send you the pattern in a while. Be aware that our web shop does not support automatic sending of electronic files, they will be sent manually, and as we are not always online, this might take some time (up to 3 working days, but normally you get it same day or the day after).

Hope you feel tempted to give it a try 🙂

Knit on!

Anne ❤

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