To all you non-Norwegian-speaking-people :)

Swinging jacket at the sea side

I have over the last few months slowly started to include English on my posts on Facebook and Instagram. Why? The reason is simple, as the number of non-norwegian-speaking followers is increasing it is of course nice to let them know what I am engaged in. For those of you that need a short update and introduction to Varm design. Varm design is at the moment a one-woman-business, and the lady behind it is me – a language and marketing educated Norwegian – with an extensive amount of creativity in-built, and this creativity has changed her life upside-down over the last year. I design knitting stuff and make patterns for yarn kits that I sell in my webshop My focus is to make designs that are modern, user-friendly and casual stylish.

Swinging jacket swinging

I wish that my knitting shall create happiness and the feeling of mastering. My goal is that you, when you have finised a Varm design knitting project shall be left with the feeling that you have made something that you will “move into”, experience happiness and feel proud that that you made it – and wish to start on another Varm design project – for yourself, your better half, your little prince or princess or someone else that you care about 🙂 All Varm designs´ products: – are made of natural materials –  primarily alpaca. Alpaca is one of the world´s most exclusive knitting materials. It breathes and has the same temperature adjusting characteristics as silk. On cold days it is three times as warm as wool. Why? Because alpaca is not wool, it is hair. Hair are not compact and therefor there will be a natural layer of air in the garment that will isolate/breathe. – shall be for “ALL” knitters at all levels, also for those who really would like to try but has “decided” they cannot knit. All the patterns are free of abbreviations and are written to invite everyone into the wonderful life of knitting! All patterns are intended to be translated into English and as of today these are some of the patterns available in English (all marked in green are defined as “summer knitting“:

Man´s sweater, blanket shawl and summer top

Flagrejakke – airy swinging jacket Herregenser – man´s sweater slim fit Krypeinnikosegenser – creepinto sweater  Sommerponcho – summer poncho Teppesjal – blanket shawl Usymmetrisk stripegenser – striped sweater Rullehalsgenser – rolled neck jumper with 2/3 sleeves

Striped jumper in suri alpaca

Rullehalstopp – rolled neck jumper without sleeves Oktoberjakke -october jacket / cardigan 123-lue – 123-hat Sommerløkkegenser – summer looped top Boblegenser – bubble sweater Summertopp – summer top I hope this gave you short introduction and made you want more 🙂 If you have any questions please do not hesitate send us an email at The shop is at the moment in Norwegian only, but we are more than happy to help if you need help as we do ship to “almost everywhere” … hope to see you in the shop! Anne

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